PR Is All About the Search

When examining ways to help a client partner, online video is now one of the leading tactical elements I build into a plan. As the Web 2.0 world has emerged, our role as public relations communicators changed with it.  The first thing I now do when researching a prospective client is to do a Google search on the company and executives to see where they rank and what has been written about them.  I also then go to You Tube to see if there is any video on the company.

I started towards the trend of searching out video after watching my 18-year-old son Mark consistently utilize the service to search for information.

Thus, I found Emily Steel’s story in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal about how marketers are looking beyond the major search engines like Google and Yahoo to place their search ads very interesting.

As Steel points out in her story:

Universal Pictures is promoting its new horror movie “The Unborn” on YouTube, targeting visitors entering phrases like “scary movie” and “horror firm.” The trend reflects a change in the way consumers are navigating the Web. More online searches now take place on YouTube, the popular video site owned by Google, than on Yahoo, the No. 2 Web-search property. The change has companies including Pizza Hut, Universal Pictures and rethinking their search marketing strategies.

 Whether it’s a Facebook application, You Tube campaign or just adding video to a web site, video production is now an essential part of any public relations strategy. One of our clients is Dr. Marc Sorenson, a health expert and author of the new book: Vitamin D3 and Solar Power for Optimal Health, the first book written for the layman on vitamin D.  We recently sat down with Marc in New York and interviewed him speaking on a variety of topics concerning the health crisis caused by vitamin D deficiency.  These were then posted to You Tube. This content was then added to his web site at  Now, we’re currently working on driving people to You Tube to see the videos and pass the link on to friends and family to get tested their vitamin D levels checked. 

We are also working on a plan for a prospective client that involves reviewing the company web site and making recommendations for improving the SEO optimization of the site.  One of the major elements of the plan as it stands right now, is adding video content.

As this industry continues to evolve and more technologies come into the forefront, enhancing a client’s search capabilities through video will be a major component.  As all of us have discovered, relying strictly on driving the message through mainstream media has changed.  Online rankings, video and WEB 2.0 applications are what matters.

PR is now all about the Search.

Tom Cosentino





One Response to “PR Is All About the Search”

  1. It is all about search. Interesting post. Video will be a major driver.

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