Will There Be A Buzz Tomorrow About Super Bowl Ads?

For  the past ten years, my wife and I  have attended a Super Bowl Party with a group of friends. Except for last year, when everyone pulled passionately for the New York Giants, the event has largely been a way for everyone to socialize and play America’s favorite Super Bowl game, rating the commercials.  It has always been a unique feeling to be part of a 25-30 person focus group, responding with laughter and amusement to the new dog commercials by Budweiser or the latest Danica Patrick ad for Go Daddy.com while giving a Bronx cheer to the ones that the group considers duds.

Now, just a couple of hours before departing for the annual party, I’m wondering if there will be the same feeling from our focus group to this year’s round of ads.  NBC says it has sold out its allotment of ads for a record $206 million.  However, with the state of the economy seemingly putting  a damper on everything surrounding this game, I’m curious to see what the reaction will be, and if there will be a buzz tomorrow about any of the commercial spots debuting tonight. 

David Zurawik examines this in an interesting column in today’s Baltimore Sun.

My guess is that Coca-Cola’s remake of the 1980 Mean Joe Greene ad, with current Steeler Troy Polamalu will win the day and the 3D ads by SoBe Lifewater and the film  Monsters vs. Aliens will stir a lot of interest as well as complaints from viewers who did not know where and how to get their 3D glasses.

I’ll let you know what our focus group comes up with.  Let me  know what your own groups think as well.


Tom Cosentino


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