Super Bowl Escapism

My Super Bowl focus group turned out to be smaller than usual but what was evident throughout the night was that for four hours, everyone’s focus was on entertainment and not on the problems of the economy.  The ads that received the biggest chuckles and positive responses were the Mr. Potato Head commercial for Bridgestone and’s Moose in the face spot. Also well-received was the Clydesdales in love spot by Budweiser.

I was greatly disappointed in Coca-Cola’s remake of the Mean Joe Greene ad. I thought it lost all of the sentimentality of the original.

Bruce Springteen’s 12-minute half-time set captivated everyone’s attention while the game itself was entertaining throughout with one of the best fourth quarters in Super Bowl history.

The result was four hours of complete entertainment, which is something the NFL, NBC,  and the companies that shelled out $206 million on ads were hoping for.

For those of us watching at home, it was four hours of escapism as well.

Now, it’s Monday morning, and while we can share our thoughts on the game and the ads with co-workers, by early this afternoon our escape from reality takes effect.  It was sure fun while it lasted.


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