Are Links Endangered?

I read with great interest the piece on by Wendy Davis on a recent legal case that potentially can alter and threaten the way company’s link to one another on the web.  It turns out BlockShopper, a real estate web site got the ire of the global law firm Jones Day  by linking directly to a pair of attorney’s bios on the firm’s web site announcing their recent real estate purchases. Jones Day sued BlockShopper for trademark infringement.  A judge reviewing the case apparently sided with Jones Day and a settlement was reached, with BlockShopper agreeing to change its linking procedure.


Could this ultimately change the way we link? I find it very hard to believe.  When one thinks of the myriad of blogs, online media, social media sites and Twitter, it seems unfathomable to think that linking the way we know it will change.  This case between BlockShopper and Jones Day revolved around privacy issues.  While such a privacy issue seems hard to regulate in the online world, in this case, it appears that the real estate web site elected not to have to battle a global legal concern.  It will be interesting to see if other cases like this develop and what action is taken.  In the interim, company’s like iMedia Public Relations will continue to link to sources and other companies when we feel it applicable.


Tom Cosentino


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