Let’s Just Call It Consumer Relations

During the course of interviewing my friend and colleague Penelope Trunk this morning on the Innovativemediapr radio show , the discussion turned to the extinction of newspapers, a subject we’ve covered recently in this blog.  Penelope was talking about how print media news editors and reporters always saw themselves as gatekeepers.  We both agreed that because of blogs, Twitter and other social media platforms, companies and the publicists they hire, shouldn’t concern themselves as much about gatekeepers anymore, as they now have a platform for delivering their brand message directly to consumers. 

 I mentioned how I was now following such brands as @Dunkin Donuts and @Whole Foods on Twitter.  As the discussion progressed, I asked her how soon would it be that we in the public relations industry strike the phrase media relations from the vernacular and replace it with Consumer Relations.  Liking the term, Penelope said I should make sure I blog about it first, otherwise she would use it for her blog so here it is.

Thanks Penelope.

Tom Cosentino


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