I have been a 24 fanatic since it debuted seven years ago.  I believe I may have only missed watching three live episodes over the years because of travel.  Over the years there have been product integrations into the show’s format but perhaps none more effective that what Cisco has accomplished.

What better platform for a technological solutions company that one of the most high-tech programs on television.  The showcase of the technology is a natural as the top echelons of our nation’s national security team use it on an hourly basis to solve the latest security crisis.

In an era when brands are looking for strategic ways for connecting with their customers, this product placement play by Cisco is a testament to how to do it right.  More and more we are seeing brand integration into movie and television product placement.  When it’s forced, it does a disservice to the brand.  As more opportunities mount for online and  theatrical and television marketing tie-ins, brand managers will have to be wise in how they choose to leverage their brand’s exposure. 

Cisco has not been quiet about this relationship.  Last night’s integration of Cisco technology in the episode was promoted with a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal on Monday and a highlight box on the Cisco home page linking to video from the episode of  Cisco’s WebEx Virtual Collaboration

Millions of viewers watching the President on 24 use the WebEx tool in a high-pressure situation received a real-time product display.

I would think there is an ample amount of marketers that are fans of 24.  Thus, more integrated efforts like this are bound to be on the horizon.

Tom Cosentino



  1. Brian Gillard Says:

    I did notice this last night. What made my ears peak up as a marketer was when they actually mentioned Web Ex. I then noticed the Cisco brand name and the services they were promoting. I had no idea about the Times ad and the online content. Great job by Cisco!

  2. A great example of how to cut through the clutter. An attaboy to the marketing team at CISCO for leveraging print and online to support the brand integration.

  3. Also a big fan of “24.” This placement was subtle, yet more effective than the obvious placements by various car companies throughout the different seasons. My wife and I would actually poke fun how the vehicle “sponsors” would change from season to season. Nice activation by CISCO as well, had no idea they supported their 24 involvement with big-time ad buys.

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