Opening Day Makes Everyone Feel Good

I originally published this blog two years ago and thought it still fitting for today’s first day of the baseball season. Opening day for Major League Baseball ushers in a sense of nirvana for baseball fans, regardless of whether their team has a chance or not to really contend for the pennant.  What opening day creates is a mood of freshness, new beginnings and a clean slate, much like one feels when they start work with a new client.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in this profession, there is something to be said for the initial period surrounding activation on behalf of a new client that captures the same fancy as baseball’s opening day.

You are starting fresh, the client is  listening attentively to your counsel, and you feel like there is ample time to execute on the plan you have developed.

Of course, just like baseball teams that hit their slumps during the season, we face challenges along the way that make us alter our plans and strategies, deal with client unrest and adjust the way we deliver the client’s message to the media.

When we are successful, we enjoy great seasons with those client partners.  Our pennants come in the form of client renewals.  Sometimes we strike out in attempting to hit the big home run.  That’s okay as long as we’ve been getting steady singles and extra base hits for clients while providing steady leadership. After all, it’s how we play the game that determines whether we retain the business or not.

Can we keep the sense of freshness associated with opening day 365 days a year? Probably not, but we can certainly make all our “pitches” count.

Tom Cosentino


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