Susan Boyle Proves The Public Still Wants to Root For the Underdog

By now, Susan Boyle’s incredible performance on Britain’s “She’s Got Talent” show has become an internet phenomenon, with her performance viewed  on You Tube over 20 million times already!  Just like Mark Fidrych, the subject of our last blog, benefited from the era he played in by becoming a huge gate attraction, the Boyle phenomenon is a testament to how the viral world can make an unknown personality into a global one in a matter of hours. I first saw the clip of her performance through a tweet I received on Twitter.  It was passed on to me through Facebook and I saw it posted everywhere on the internet.

This has become a phenomenon because the public has embraced Susan Boyle as a real person, one who can be any underdog we have ever know in our life.  Not only does this story resonate with the general public but it also shows how powerful mainstream media can still be when it focuses on something that touches the emotions of its audience.

Susan Boyle definitely hit the high note with her performance.  Her life has changed overnight, and we are all better for it.

Tom Cosentino


One Response to “Susan Boyle Proves The Public Still Wants to Root For the Underdog”

  1. Mary Hebert Says:

    I love this woman. Her attitude in spite of smirks from the audience was terrific. Her voice was truly beautiful. I have heard the song sung by many stars, but the emotion and purity she lends to this song is unbelievable. Way to go, Susan!

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