Boston Globe Hangs On

Heading into the weekend it appeared that the Boston Globe might be closing down. However, ongoing negotiations with its unions appear to have the paper holding on for survival, which is  great news for the communications industry. 

Management was ready to file a plant closing notice as required by law.  The paper’s management was under a midnight deadline to close agreements with its biggest unions. The New York Times Company, the Globe’s parent company, threatened to close the paper unless costs could be brought under control. 

According to a story posted on the paper’s web site today:

Boston Globe management said today that it won’t file a plant closing notice required to shutter the newspaper after reaching cost saving agreements with six of seven unions involved in negotiations for concessions.

“We expect to achieve both the workplace flexibility, and the financial savings that we sought from these unions,” said Globe spokesman Robert Powers. “We are not , therefore, making a filing today” under the federal plant closing law. The law requires companies to give 60-days notice to the state and employees before closing a business.

Hopefully, these agreements will keep one of the nation’s finest newspapers afloat.  With the Baltimore Sun cutting its newsroom staff by a third last week, and the earlier closings of  such stalwart newspaper dailies as the Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer (still publishing online) , losing the Boston Globe would have really accelerated the demise of the printed daily newspaper.

Tom Cosentino


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