Senator Schumer is Master of the Slow News Cycle

Politicians crave attention.  Sometimes, like when Vice President Biden misspeaks, the attention backfires. However, one politician who masterfuly chooses his speaking opportunities in order to generate the biggest media impact is Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.  Not only is Senator Schumer a visible member of the Senate, as a senior member of his party and influential member of several key committees, but he also knows how and when to get media attention.

For years, publicists operated under the misnomer of not scheduling press conferences or media events on a weekend because it wouldn’t generate enough media attention.  Senator Schumer has done the opposite.  There is not a Sunday that goes by without the Senator calling a press conference or issuing a press release about an issue.  Each week, his soundbites make the local newscasts and are written about in Monday’s papers.

The Senator even works on holidays.  As the nation observes Memorial Day, Senator Schumer has already made news this Monday, calling on the federal government to crack down on companies that make automated calls to consumers pitching credit card and mortgage deals that sound too good to be true.

What Senator Schumer has mastered and uses with great success is controlling the news cycle.  Crews may be at a minimum on Sundays and holidays and news organizations short-staffed, but that creates an opportunity to exploit the situation.  A United States Senator calling on the government to take action to protect consumers is a nice lay up for news assignment desks to fill one gap in the news cycle.

So if you have a good story to get out and don’t want to face the competition of  everything else happening during a weekday news cycle, then Sunday may be a good opportunity for you. However, if you’re in New York, make sure it’s not at the same time that Senator Schumer is making news.

Tom Cosentino


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