Do You Have A Social Media Strategy for Your Company?

According to the story listed below from Ad Age, pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer is in a dilemma on how to use Twitter.

NEW YORK ( — Many marketers are struggling with the new world of Twitter and social media but few face the dilemma of pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer. Twitter-using consumers are highly interested in their drug products, but their marketing communications are rigidly constrained by federal regulations. While Pfizer has just launched a Twitter site, the company is not exactly sure what it’s allowed to say on it.

 What Pfizer is going through is understandable considering the regulatory environment they are used to dealing with. However, what it also calls into play is how companies determine what role, if any, Twitter can and should play in their external communications process.

In creating a social media strategy for your company, you first have to establish what kind of tool you want social media to play in your overall communications plan.

Social media is something that should not be taken for granted.  If you decide to make it part of the communications process then it needs to be maintained and updated just like any other facet of your operations.

In deciding whether to pursue a social media strategy, company marketers need to ask the following questions:

–      What am I looking to achieve through social media?

–      Do I want to enhance sales? Run promotions?

–      Am I prepared to become a full member of the community and engage my audience?

–      What value can I add to such a community?

–      How can I use social media to monitor what is being said about my brand or company?

–      How can social media add value to my business?

The key element to social media is the ability to fully engage with the community at large. However, what companies need to realize is that their discussions are open to the world to see and there are no boundaries.

Also, social media is 24-7 in real time, so a failure to address a customer service problem or inability to react to a falsehood being spread can do great harm.

If a brand or company decides to enter the Twitter universe, they should examine how other companies in their field are using the service. 

Some of the brands, with Twitter handles, that @iMediapr currently follows on Twitter include: @Carnival Cruise, @Whole Foods, @Marvel  and @Dunkin Donuts.  Each one engages users in a different manner.  We also follow a local restaurant in the Princeton area, @SCGPrinceton Salt Creek Grille.

Many restaurants are successfully implementing campaigns via Twitter even though they may be just a local steakhouse.  The Twitter community is fully engaged which means anyone signing up to be a follower of an establishment is a captive customer that can be engaged through a variety of means via Twitter including coupons, promoting dinner specials, drink offers, etc.

Whether a company chooses to use Twitter, Facebook or both social media services, they need to ensure that they devote the time and effort needed to grow these online communities and truly make them beneficial marketing assets.

Once you decide on a strategy and jump in, just saying you’re on Twitter or Facebook will not be impactful. Being fully engaged certainly will.


Tom Cosentino


One Response to “Do You Have A Social Media Strategy for Your Company?”

  1. My comments here are based on my experience in the Restaurant, Hospitality and Service industries. So far, these businesses have been using Email Marketing for customer loyalty and retention and brand development. Mobile marketing has gained lot of traction in the last few years. Social Media Marketing has been new to this industry and marketing departments are scrambling to catch up to it.

    My company Sterizon specializes in bringing Email, Mobile and Social Media Marketing in a single package right to the customer doorstep while the customer is at the place of business. We do it using a wireless, WiFi handheld gadget called Sterizon wiZit.

    Social Media is here to stay, so, businesses might as well embrace it and use it to their advantage. Success of any marketing campaign depends on getting proper buy-in from the employees of your business. They are the ones who’ll be creating the buzz for you at your place of business as well as online.

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