HESS Toy Trucks A Proven Brand Winner

 The ads have begun appearing and this past weekend consumers could began purchasing the ever popular Hess Toy Truck for the holidays. This year’s version is a giant race car with a smaller one inside, providing youngsters and adult collectors with a double treat.

A tradition that was started in 1964 by founder Leon Hess whose gas stations have sold these toy trucks every holiday season since then. The older versions have become highly collectible depending on condition and whether one saved the box the truck came in. The tradition has been one that has firmly associated the Hess brand with the Christmas gift-giving season.

Why has a simple toy that carries the logo of an oil company proven so successful? I believe it has effectively captured the public’s fancy because the toys have consistently been of high quality. Each edition has been unique, which not only leads to countless hours of enjoyment from children that play with them but from collectors who value them as sought-after collectibles.

Undoubtedly, the Hess Corporation’s foray into the toy business each year has been beneficial financially. Just think of the countless families like mine that have filled up their gas tanks at Hess during December just so we could purchase a toy truck to put under the Christmas tree for our children. How many of these same customers normally fill up at a competing company’s station?

Putting out a quality product, having enough of it to handle demand and supporting it with extensive advertising and marketing support is a great example for any brand to follow. For the Hess Corporation and its Hess Toy Trucks, it’s a tradition of marketing excellence.

Tom Cosentino


One Response to “HESS Toy Trucks A Proven Brand Winner”

  1. Brian Gillard Says:

    Good article Tom!

    I agree that much of the program’s success can be attributed to the quality of the toys because you can’t market a bad product well enough. But I think some other factors have made it extremely popular: consistency (they’ve been around every Christmas for 45 years) and we expect to see it); lack of competition (this is a big one. It differentiates it from all of the other gas stations. You decide to go there to get the toy. It’s gives Hess an air of added value); emotional connection (some people equate Christmas to the Hess brand because of the toy. It gives them a “warm” feeling about Hess).

    Excuse me for being biased but I’ve wanted the Hess Truck since I was a kid!

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