A New Decade Ushers in Its Own History

What a difference a decade makes.  There was buzz aplenty as 1999 wound down.  It was all about the millennium then. The year 2000 had a magical feel to it and there was certainly great anticipation. Who can forget the Y2K fears?

What a difference a decade makes.  Is anyone really excited to head into 2010 and the start of a new decade? Just think what the last 10 years delivered.  It started with a contested presidential election and then came the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Then, war in Afghanistan followed by Iraq. The election of the nation’s first African-American president, Barack Obama and the start of his administration certainly caused excitement in the final year of the decade, but that was tempered by an economy ravaged by recession, continued warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq, and, on Christmas Day, a failed terrorist act on a Detroit-bound flight.

While there may not be as much excitement heading into 2010, businesses, like ours here at iMedia Public Relations and individuals alike surely hope for better returns.  As we approach the new decade, I thought it might be interesting to turn the clock back 100 years to see what the leading events were heading into the new decade, starting in 1910.

As you will see by some of the important events listed, courtesy of Brainy History, like 2009, there were some major developments that gave pause for great anticipation for the new decade.  Highlights of 1909 included the inauguration of President Taft; the formation of the NAACP; exploration achievements at the South and North Poles; the debut of the Lincoln head penny; Wright Brothers delivering first plane to US military; the invasion by the U.S. of Nicaragua; and multiple title defenses by heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson among other highlights.

Of course, 100 years from now, historians will look back at the major events of 2009. While we can name those we feel important now, since we’re living in these times, only history will record what was truly impactful.

Here, courtesy of Brainy History, are some of the significant historical events of 1909.  Happy New Year

Tom Cosentino

Jan. 16                  British explorer Ernest Shackleton finds magnetic South Pole; David, Mawson and Mackay reach south magnetic pole

Feb. 9                    First federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium)

Feb. 12                  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) forms

Feb. 16                  First subway car with side doors goes into service in New York City; Serbia mobilizes against Austria-Hungary

Mar. 1                    First U.S. university school of nursing established, University of Minnesota

Mar. 4                   President Taft inaugurated as 27th president in 10 inch snowstorm

Mar. 30                 Queensboro Bridge opens linking Manhattan and Queens

Apr. 6                    North Pole reached by Americans Robert Peary and Matthew Henson

Apr. 18                  Joan of Arc declared a saint

May 7                    Construction begins on first 100 houses in Ahuzat Bayit (Tel Aviv)

May 29                  Frank “Home Run” Baker’s 1st career home run

Jun. 12                  “Shine On, Harvest Moon” by Ada Jones and Billy Murray hits #1

Jun 16                   Jim Thorpe makes his pro baseball pitching debut for Rocky Mount (ECL) with 4-2 win, this will cause him to forfeit his Olympic medals

July 12                  16th Amendment approved, power to tax incomes

July 25                  France’s Louis Bleriot, makes 1st airplane flight across English Channel

July 27                  Orville Wright tests 1st U.S. Army airplane, flying 1h12m40s

July 30                 Wright Brothers deliver 1st military plane to the army

Aug. 2                   1st Lincoln head pennies minted; Army Air Corps formed as Army takes 1st delivery from Wright Brothers

Aug. 11                  SOS 1st used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC

Aug. 19                 Indianapolis 500 race track opens

Aug. 24                 Workers start pouring concrete for Panama Canal

Sept. 6                  Word received, Admiral Peary discovers North Pole 5 months earlier

Sept. 9                  Jack Johnson fights Al Kaufman to no decision in 10 for boxing title

Oct. 9                    Ty Cobb steals home in World Series game

Oct. 14                  Pirates beat Tigers, 5-4, forces 1st full 7 game World Series

Oct. 16                  Jack Johnson KOs Stanley Ketchel in 12 for heavyweight boxing title

Nov. 11                  Construction of Navy base at Pearl Harbor begins

Nov. 18                 U.S. invades Nicaragua, later overthrows President Zelaya

Nov. 23                 Wright Brothers forms million dollar corp to manufacture airplanes

Dec. 1                    1st Christmas Club payment made, to Carlisle Trust Co, Pa

Dec. 11                  Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Garden, New York City

Dec. 21                  University of Coopenhagen rejects Cook’s claim that he was 1st to North Pole


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