Radio Row is Where Action Is at Super Bowl

Today is the annual Super Bowl Media Day. Players from the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are gathered in Miami to address serious and mundane questions from a couple of thousand media representatives from around the world. is streaming this live. While there is a lot of attention focused on this event, the real action is done in the media center on radio row where dozens of radio shows and personalities from across the country broadcast during Super Bowl week. There, a plethora of publicists lead former and current athletes around like sheep, conducting one interview after another. The majority of these interviews revolve around promoting a brand that has no affiliation with the Super Bowl. It is a goldmine for companies wishing to cash in on America’s biggest sporting event. 

A couple of years ago I shuffled former Dallas Cowboys great, Ed “Too Tall” Jones in his pre-Geico commercial days, around radio row to promote the NFL Charity Bowling Event that was to be held the day before the big game. It was amazing how crowded the area was with athletes and personalities. In the span of a couple of hours, Jones conducted about 20 radio interviews, as well as ESPN and the NFL Network.

Radio row is just one of the many areas surrounding Super Bowl Week that is an opportune setting for getting your spokesperson interviewed. With the huge influx of media outlets from throughout the country and world descending on the Super Bowl city, there is no shortage of chances to book your spokesperson.

Of course, you’ll need the right individual to carry your message. And, you’ll need to plan and budget for this way before next year’s game. Prices vary for athletes depending on their standing. Companies looking to capitalize on the Super Bowl next year in Indianapolis can use an outside athlete representation firm like our friends at The Agency to secure the right person for their brands. That spokesman will ensure a brand’s message is heard round the world, as they travel radio row and beyond.
Tom Cosentino


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