Bin Laden Death Photos Should Get UN Showcase

In October 1962 Adlai Stevenson, United States Ambassador to the United Nations made the case to the world about Soviet missiles in Cuba by showcasing them to the world’s diplomatic community at the UN. By showing the world that these missiles were real and they belonged to the Soviet Union, Stevenson was able to eliminate any claims by the Soviets to falsification of the photographic evidence by the United States.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden by U.S. forces and the subsequent burial at sea of the Al Qaida leader has opened the door to numerous conspiracy theories in the Muslim world because the body of Bin Laden has not been shown nor have photos been released. To conspiracy theorists the body buried at sea is not Bin Laden and the DNA tests are falsified.

The Navy Seals team that carried out the mission did photograph the slain Bin Laden and took video. The question at hand is how and when to publish these photos so the world can see that it truly was Bin Laden that was killed. The publishing of such photos could obviously lead not only to closure for many in all corners of the globe but they could also inflame opponents of the west, especially when loyal followers of Bin Laden realize it was indeed their leader that was killed. White House press secretary Jay Carney has said the pohtos could be inflammatory.

Many can recall the riots and violence that ensued when a Danish paper published cartoons of Muhammad. While news organizations are ready and willing to run these death photos and video of Bin Laden, which would ultimately be the highest viewed images in history, and millions willing to view them, I think the route taken by Stevenson in 1962 may be the best way to handle disclosure of these death images.

The United States should call for a special session of the UN Security Council. All UN Members would be allowed to have representatives and local media present, to witness the unveiling of the Bin Laden death photos and video. All global media would be allowed to cover. However, no death photos or video would be allowed to be published in a newspaper, online or aired on television or the internet. The world’s diplomats, leaders and media would be the witnesses. Once revealed, these images and video would be stored forever in the National Archives. No media outlet or nation would profit by them and there would be no exploitation of the photos.

Many may view this as an unrealistic scenario. As a communications executive, my first inkling would be to show the photos to the world through every media outlet imaginable. However, in this case, I think such a revelation could do more harm them good. I say make the case to the world just this once. Let the world convey the message that Bin Laden is truly dead. Those that won’t believe would probably never be convinced anyway.

Tom Cosentino


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