Class on a Mission

Two weeks ago I began teaching a Publicity Methods course at Rider University.  As part of the early curriculum, we have been discussing mission statements, boiler plates and business memos.  For an in-class assignment in our journalism lab, I tasked the class to develop a mission state for iMedia Public Relations.  After interviewing me, the class set out to begin crafting the statement. Below is the final version, taken from input from each of the 18 fine students in my class.

iMedia Public Relations Mission Statement

iMedia Public Relations is a premier strategic media relations firm dedicated to establishing awareness for our client partners and positioning them as leaders within their industry. We are a company built on the core values of honesty, integrity and transparency which are incorporated into every aspect of our comprehensive approach to public relations. By adhering to a high set of ethical standards, promising to never oversell or offer services that are not relevant to our clients, iMedia creates
solid, long-term relationships with our clients.

 iMedia believes in giving our clients the personalized attention they deserve. Our hands-on innovative approach to every aspect of a client’s program, allows us to truly understand a client’s business goals and objectives and to develop strategic media relations
programs that helps them achieve success.

 We offer a variety of services to fully satisfy each client’s individual needs, identifying the right media target to showcase
their products, organizations and programs to the right audience. This strategic media relations approach has allowed us to establish great credibility with the media since we deliver content that meets their editorial criteria and does not waste their time.

 We pride ourselves in building solid, long-term relationships with not only our client partners but the media we target as well. By partnering with iMedia you are teaming with a company fully invested in your business and success.



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