Has the Time Come for U.S. to Shut Down During Holidays?

If you are in an office environment, you have noticed by now, the decrease in emails and influx of calls coming in.  A 50-minute commute to Princeton for me became a 35-minute jaunt over the past two days.  Very little is happening as everyone has seemingly taken off to go holiday shopping or attend festive lunches and parties.  In this era of blackberry’s, Wi-Fi and Smart Phones, has the time come for corporate America to shut down the last two weeks of the year?

Think about it, how productive right now is the workforce across America?  Regardless of whether you are observing the holidays from a religious perspective, the season has certainly taken a toll on how business is conducted.  As a public relations agency, we are still working on behalf of clients, sending out pitches and releases this week for a number of clients.  However, this could have been done from any remote location.

Would it not be more beneficial for the economy than for this last two-week period of the year be declared a national holiday for most non-essential corporate employees?  This would free these individuals up to go about their holiday shopping in greater earnest, frequent local restaurants and shops, malls, etc., and thus, boost the overall economy.

Let’s face it, as the year winds down all efforts become focused on starting fresh for the New Year. Maybe a short respite is what corporate America needs to start the New Year off with a bang.

Tom Cosentino


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