Has Your Business Had A Checkup Lately?

Just over a month ago I donated blood at the Central Jersey Blood Center offices in Shrewsbury. It’s something I do every three months or so as soon as I’m eligible because my O- blood type makes me a universal donor.  Little did I know that my donation would lead me to discover a potential serious health problem.  When they took my blood pressure, it came back very high 163/93. When I left the office I checked the tear-off sheets from my past donations showing my pressure, pulse and hemoglobin results. Sure enough, each one going back to last March showed pressure amounts in excess of 140/90.

After a scolding from my wife to get a physical and check it out, I did. My doctor confirmed that I had developed high blood pressure. She immediately wrote me a prescription for high blood pressure medicine. She also discovered during the examination that I had developed a heart murmur.  These were new developments since my last physical in October 2010.  I quickly made an appointment to see a cardiologist. He ordered a stress test and an echocardiogram.

Needless to say I was in for a shock when, after walking for about five minutes on the treadmill and feeling fine, the cardiologist kept asking me if I was tired. It seems the lower chamber of my heart was giving off palpitations that were raising an alarm. He quickly ended the test and ordered me to go through a cardiac catherization a few days later.  Last Monday, I had the catherization performed on me and they found that one artery had a 47% blockage. Since it was under 50% they did not need to perform an angioplasty. I went home that day and yesterday afternoon was told by my cardiologist that I was okay. I only needed to stay on my blood pressure medication, take a baby aspirin, get moderate exercise and follow a low fat diet.  He wants to see me in six months.

It appears that by giving blood, I discovered a health problem early and can now be cognizant of changing my lifestyle and following a health regimen that will keep me free from developing further heart disease.

Having my physical taken and going through the various health exams gave me pause to not only think about what truly is important in life, but also to reflect a bit on how this health issue could be integrated into business.

One of the first questions I’ve been asked by those I’ve discussed this with is “When did you have a physical last?” That gave me pause to think about my own company and our client relationships.  When was the last time we closely examined how we are servicing our clients?

Business is a lot like health.  Just when it appears like everything is going smoothly a hidden threat to the process may develop, and most often, it’s by surprise, just like a heart murmur or clogged artery.

If we can identify potential problems early by closely examining our work and listening closely to our clients and/or employees, we too may be able to diagnose a potential problem before it musters into a situation where you can lose the client business.

So just like you would schedule an annual physical exam, schedule routine checkups for your business. You never know what kind of diagnosis you may find.

Tom Cosentino


One Response to “Has Your Business Had A Checkup Lately?”

  1. John Settino Says:

    Hey Tommy,

    Good post, I had a friend who went seven years between check ups and then one day playing ball hockey I looked at him and said you are that bad – shortly after he was on dialysis. His kidneys were failing, had even he gone even once or twice in those seven years they would have been able to save his kidneys. Luckily after a number of years on dialysis he had a successful transplant and has been doing very well for 10 plus years.

    Glad to hear you will be around for a while.

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